Discover a person's true potential in as little as an hour. Through an online competency assessment, our unique system maps people and jobs against the same competency framework, using one common language.

The profiles are stored in an on-demand database, allowing organisations to attract, recruit, develop, promote and retain the right people every time, across the entire organisation.

CMyPeople is a talent assessment, profiling and management tool for:
Better recruitment Accurate job profile and candidate matching.
Talent management Review of employee data throughout their careers.
Careers guidance Assessment of student's core competencies.
Government employment services Helping the unemployed re-enter the workforce.
Recruitment and talent management processes tend to focus on a persons's experience rather than what they enjoy or are innately good at. We want to turn that around. Our team is committed to:
  • making people happy & fulfilled at work.
  • ensuring candidates fit the jobs they fill.
  • helping people and organisations to discover the potential within
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Chandler Macleod worked with the Australian Government to develop an assessment solution to help address Australia’s skills shortage. Based on this initial breakthrough technology, Chandler Macleod went on to develop CMyPeople.